Training and CPD

The following organisations offer training in specific types of work with people seeking asylum, usually as part of a volunteer programme.


Freedom From Torture currently offers in-house training for organisations

Please check their website for opportunities for individuals to volunteer and receive training.


Medical Justice welcomes volunteer health professionals to a range of roles, and provides appropriate training at induction and on an ongoing basis

There are a number of online CPD resources relevant to work with people seeking asylum.

Some of these need a subscription or sign-up and are profession-specific.


Solace offer free e-learning subject to registration – places are limited


There are some relevant modules to be found on the RCPsych CPD-online site.Although most require a subscription, some are open access


Torture ID is keen to train individuals and teams who work with those who have experienced human rights abuses.  They are sometimes able to offer bespoke training opportunities.


The University of Essex offers an MA in Refugee Care in conjunction with the Tavistock Clinic, taught in person or online.  Students work directly with refugees and people seeking asylum, as well as with other involuntarily dislocated persons. Experience includes observations of Asylum Tribunal hearings, followed by discussion with the Asylum Judges


Local services may also provide training for fellow professionals, both formally and informally.