Seeking Asylum and Mental Health

This Website is a resource for health professionals and others working with people seeking asylum. 

It supports the book ‘Seeking Asylum and Mental Health’ published by Cambridge University Press


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“Everyone forced to seek asylum does so in their own way, the trauma of exile interacting with their existing vulnerabilities and strengths.  Each individual needs the intimate care inherent in what we call 'friendship'.  On her 5000 mile journey Amal, a 12 foot puppet of a Syrian refugee girl, seemed somehow to be everybody’s friend, young and old, if only for the moments that she passed through their village, town or city in search of her mother.  She has become a widely acknowledged symbol of those who, brutally marginalised, need to find their place at the centre of our attention, and be celebrated for the wonders of survival they achieve day after day”.

David Lan, producer of ‘The Walk’ |

Our book is for those who want to aid this survival

"This is a rare book indeed - it is unique in combining scientific expertise with informed practical guidance and invaluable insight into the critical role mental health professionals play in the profoundly challenging experience of those seeking asylum in a hostile environment... It is an essential text not just for medical practitioners but for all those involved in the asylum process".

Stephanie Harrison KC, human rights barrister, editor of Macdonald's Immigration Law and Practice, Head of Garden Court Chambers - leading specialists in asylum law

"A timely book, full of wisdom and practical advice for all those working with those who are seeking asylum".

Dr Adrian James, President, Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK

"A fantastic resource for anyone, including lawyers, judges and social workers, wanting to get to grips with the complex issues around asylum seeker mental health. Clearly written and very well explained, it offers expert insight into how and why asylum seekers are assessed and diagnosed with mental health conditions".

Colin Yeo, barrister, author of ‘Welcome to Britain’, and editor of ‘Free Movement’ website

"With clarity and precision, but also with compassion, the book provides facts, data and stories about asylum seekers in the United Kingdom. Covering different angles and perspectives, it refreshingly avoids stereotyping and judgemental generalisations. Overall, it contains most helpful information".

Stefan Priebe, Professor of Social and Community Psychiatry, Queen Mary, University of London, UK